Back to Basics: Capture and Collection!

In this live call, we take it Back to Basics with the very first phase of the GTD workflow and that is the important element of capturing and collecting everything that’s on your mind! We’ll cover some really great ideas such as journaling, the Drafts app, default inboxes, time spent on capturing, mindsweeps, and so much more! Check the resources below for some really helpful products and apps discussed during this great live call!


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michael jordon never fear failure

Why You Should Never Fear Failure

Never be afraid of failure. Never be afraid that new job, a new venture, a new opportunity, a new client, a presentation you have to give — whatever it is — because it may fail. Never let anyone or anything stand in your way. Importantly, don’t let yourself stand in your own way of being […]

How To Get Control Of Your Time And Your Life

Managing life is not easy. At any given moment in time we may have anywhere between one and a dozen things floating through our head that must be dealt with in some fashion. They can be as simple as remembering to pickup the dry cleaning before they close so that you have your suit for […]

stressed woman postit notes


3 Tools that Make it Easier to Get to Inbox Zero

Guest Post by David Fallarme Inbox Zero is a concept that sits at the heart of many productivity systems today. It’s an excellent approach to handling your overflowing inbox. Essentially, Inbox Zero tells you to review each message and apply one of four actions to it — either reply immediately (“do it”), schedule a later […]

Getting to the Value of Simple

Inside the virtual studio today is my guest Joel Zaslofsky. Joel is also the self-titled Chief Simplifier, Curator, and Founder of Value of Simple. He hosts the popular Smart and Simple Matters podcast and most recently, the author of Experience Curating: How to Gain Focus, Increase Influence, and Simplify Your Life.

In this episode, we dig deep into understanding simplicity, minimalism, the art of capturing information, and how to be more mindful and curate your existence. What I learned was that curating is actually tied very closely to the tenants of capturing, processing, organizing, and reviewing in GTD. 

You’ll be as fascinated as me as Joel talks about how his personal renaissance began led him to leaving a cushy six-figure corporate job to lead what many would consider to be an unconventional career path. He set out to help people simplify, organize, and be money wise. He says his goals are straightforward: to help you rock the unsexy and undervalued side of life.


Show Notes

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Joel Zaslofsky


Five Tips for Staying Healthy at Your Desk Job

Guest Post by Courtney Gordner, DEG Contributor No matter how much you enjoy being active, a desk job requires you to be seated for the majority of an eight-hour shift. This doesn’t mean your health has to fall by the wayside. In fact, there are several ways to take care of yourself despite the daily […]

Ask the VSG!


A great call covering a mixed bag of GTD topics, asked and answered by those on the live call. We started out with a follow-up to last month’s call hearing about Mike Schroff’s implementation using OneNote. From there we moved on to overflowing email inboxes, Inbox Zero, collaborative platforms, ‘mind like water’, weekly reviews, daily reviews, and more. A little something for everyone in this fun call! Hope you enjoy!


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Tips for Leaving a Job That Doesn’t Make You Happy

Guest Post by Courtney Gordner, DEG Contributor One of the most difficult decisions you can make is the choice to leave a job. Most people don’t want to leave the jobs that make them miserable, because of the financial security they offer. While having a stable income and benefits is a nice incentive to drag yourself […]



How You Can Live Life Better with Matthew McConaughey’s 3 Principles 4

I promise this will be my last post about interesting events that happened at the Oscars this past Sunday! When Matthew McConaughey won his award for Best Actor for his riveting and emotional portrayal of Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyer’s Club at the Oscars, he said something in his acceptance speech that struck a chord […]