Methods for Becoming a More Productive Employee

Guest post by Shelly Duell According to Gallup employee research, only 13 percent of employees are invested in their work. The employee feedback survey also indicated that 63 percent of people are not at all engaged or motivated in their work. With only 24 percent of employees reporting being actively […]

Automated notetaking with your iPad and Evernote

Guest Post by Christopher J. Lee Templates are to writing that checklists are to the practice of medicine and flying. Templates and checklists are different sides of the same coin and that coin buys efficiency and elimination of variability. If you have been reading Daniel for as long as I […]

7 Ways to Make Happiness a Habit

Guest Post by Courtney Gordner, DEG Contributor   Have you ever met someone who just seems to be inherently happy all the time? It might appear as though he or she has a great life, but that’s really not necessarily the situation. You might be surprised to learn that you […]

7 Ways to Avoid Stress in the Morning

Guest Post by Courtney Gordner, DEG Contributor Mornings bring a sense of panic as I scramble for the right outfit and tightly clasp my coffee on the way out the door, the latter of which is my security blanket for getting through the rest of the day. It never fails. […]

Inspirational Tips for People Living With a Disability

Guest Post by Courtney Gordner, DEG Contributor (Editor’s note: I love Courtney’s new post! Even if you do not live with someone who has special needs, I highly recommend that all of you reading this get involved with The Friendship Circle, or organizations similar to this one. It is a […]

RIP Springpad

The End of Springpad … My Thoughts and Advice for Everyone 2

In April of 2012, I published the 1st Edition of the Official Springpad eBook. Working with the Springpad Team has to have been one of my top 10 favorite professional moments. Keep in mind, I have never physically met anyone except for Jeff Janer (which by the way was a […]

5 Ways for Busy Parents to Bond With Their Kids

Guest Post by Courtney Gordner, DEG Contributor Being a working parent can be tough in so many ways. Not only are you caught up in the daily grind of your job, errands, dinner prep and housework, you also have the added guilty feelings that you might not be spending enough […]

Getting Set Up For GTD® 1

A special second live call for the month of May. On this episode, we covered another great Back to Basics topic — Getting Set Up For GTD®.  Resources from the call: Remember The Milk – OmniFocus – Evernote – Team Viz – Outlook – Toodledo – Life Balance – GTD® […]

Effective Techniques To Stay Happy Despite A Stressful Project or Work 1

Whether you are working as a full-time employee or as a freelancer, stress is a part of your daily life. At some point, your duties and responsibilities might double or triple without prior notice. If you aren’t vigilant to face these challenges, you might reach your breaking point, and start having less work-life balance.