Introducing Evernote Every Day – Guest Post by Jeremy Roberts

Guest Post by Jeremy Roberts

As a reader of this blog, you likely already know how useful and indispensable Evernote is. Daniel Gold has shown us all how to apply David Allen’s GTD workflow using Evernote, Lauren Rothlisberger explains ways to use Evernote as a parent and Dean Ouellette presents the unique application of Evernote in the world of real estate agents. Daniel, Lauren and Dean have all created phenomenal content that has helped thousands and thousands of people with these specific needs. However, given the versatility of Evernote the number of ways it can be used is practically limitless.

Evernote every day

What you need is a guide to help you navigate the possibilities and efficiencies available to you by using Evernote, every day.

Evernote Every Day is a brand new eBook that is the solution. From the author of Wunderbook: Life Organized with Wunderkit, and writer of all things money, life and living at Cloud Productivity, this eBook showcases unique and everyday uses of Evernote, with a focus on teaching you how to adapt available methods and workflows to enable you to use Evernote for absolutely anything.

Evernote Every Day doesn’t cover the basics of installation and setup; Evernote for Dummies already does that extremely well. It doesn’t focus on GTD principles; nor does it explain things like the basics of tags, notebooks or sharing. Evernote Every Day will take your existing use of Evernote and transform your daily experience into something truly unique. Through a series of detailed guides and advanced tips, Evernote Every Day will open your mind to a world without limits, borders or boundaries.

Through a close friendship and partnership with Daniel Gold and DEG Consulting, readers of this blog (that’s you) have access to Evernote Every Day at 25% off the regular price. To take advantage of this offer simply enter the following promotion code during purchase:


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Here’s what others are saying about Evernote Every Day (including Daniel Gold, himself!)…

“If you’re looking to get started in Evernote, learn how to apply Evernote in your everyday life, and in a way that doesn’t talk down to you, then you need Jeremy’s book! Jeremy’s passion for how Evernote can help you pops right out of the page. His simple directions on how to get it started and get going makes you wonder what you ever did without his guide!”

Daniel Gold

“If you’re looking for a simple and accessible way to get into Evernote, this book is going to be right up your alley. Jeremy has crafted a great guide to get you started – and keep you going – with what can be one of most powerful tools in your productivity arsenal.”
Mike Vardy

“Jeremy pointed out some great use cases of Evernote, and if you are new to this game, this kind of material is the right way to get started. My personal favorite is diary, as it gave me motivation to scan my old physical leather notebook and immortalize it in Evernote.”
Bojan Djordjevic

Don’t delay! Head over to Evernote Every Day to find out more!

About Daniel Gold

Daniel Gold is a productivity coach, keynote speaker, author, and podcaster. He is most well known for his eBooks, Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Capturing Everything and Getting Things Done, Simplify your Life with Springpad, and Make it Happen: How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your eBook. Daniel is also the co-host of the GTD® Virtual Study Group podcast.