Simplify your life with Springpad

Simplify your life with Springpad

Springpad 4.0 is out and so is the 2nd Edition of the official Springpad eBook!

Simplify your life with Springpad leverages Springpad’s smart notebook features to help you create a simple and efficient process to get the most out of your time both at work and at home. In this book, I will demonstrate how to use Springpad’s robust feature set, like collaborative notebooks, customizable sharing features and “smart” data features, along with David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology to streamline your tasks and be more productive.

This incredibly resourceful book discusses each of the 5 phases of the GTD® workflow and then shows how easily you can apply each phase in Springpad. This book is rich in detail and filled with screen shots to help you get setup each step. Plus, learn how I leverage Whitelines LINK paper to automatically send my handwritten notes and drawings right to Springpad.

Just $3.99!

Take a look at my exclusive interview with Springpad on my eBook success!



Editorial Reviews:

If you're reading this and still thinking about how this all compares to Evernote, Daniel E. Gold explains how Springpad stacks up to Evernote from a productivity standpoint for him. He argues—and we agree—that it's Springpad's flexibility that stands out, even if Evernote has it beat in some other areas.
I deliberately knew nothing about Springpad before reading Springpad. Smarter Notebooks. Smarter Sharing. A Smarter Way to Get Things Done, and after going through it I felt that I had a solid handle on how to use it and how Springpad might work for me.

Daniel is probably the de facto guru on organising your life and the raft of software and apps that can help you achieve this and I doubt if even David Allen has such a comprehensive overview of task management and to do services than Daniel!
If you’re interested in finding out how you can blow the pants off of Springpad and get some amazing results and ideas from the web and the world of other Springpad users, I definitely recommend grabbing Daniel’s ebook.