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Rationalizing Productivity App Purchases – when is enough, enough? 4

Being in the productivity space, I often find ways to rationalize my app purchases and monthly subscriptions to various different apps. I typically pitch it to myself as, “I’m doing this to help everyone else!”. That works for awhile, but then when I look at my credit card statement, those $.99, $3.99, $5.00, […]

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GTD® and Todoist: 5 Steps to Truly Organize Your Life – My guest post on the Todoist website!

I am thrilled to have been given the awesome opportunity to write a guest post on the official Todoist website on how to get things done or GTD with their app. I sincerely hope this post adds a lot of value to many people! As a productivity coach to extremely busy CEOs, executives, […]

Getting Things Done with Evernote Ambassador Bryan Lee: My interview on his podcast, LaunchByte

One of the best parts of what I do for an international community of folks who are looking to become more productive and successful in their lives is meeting and getting to know people from all corners of our globe. Yesterday was a great example! I was asked to be […]

Getting Things Done Evernote Ambassador LaunchByte podcast productivity

Get things done in Evernote with Lilli Weisz! 5

This was an awesome GTD Virtual Study Group! We learned how to get things done in Evernote with super productivity specialist, Lilli Weisz! View the Google+ Hangout presentation and download Lilli’s slides she shared with us. Seriously, what an awesome productivity session! I know I learned something! Lilli Weisz is a productivity […]

Hitting the Evernote and GTD app jackpot 3

How to guarantee success as a start-up in the mobile app market   Guest post by Marek Kulesza and Karol Stojek of SmartTM The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one. […]

Why you shouldn't trust your todo app

Why you shouldn’t trust your todo app 15

Lessons learned from the demise of Astrid, Catch, and Orchestra With the death of Astrid, Catch, and Orchestra, I’ve taken a bleaker and more pessimistic outlook on the vitality, and long term sustainability, of so-called task managers in the marketplace. We invest so much time into organizing all of our […]

Simplify your life with Springpad 4.0 5

I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Springpad 4.0 was just released and so was the 2nd edition of my Official Springpad eBook! Springpad 4.0 has been redesigned and enhanced to help us organize our lives even better than before. There’s all new ways to access, search, and use your springs. Said […]

Simplify your life with Springpad