Bullet Journal Ryder Carroll

Ryder Carroll, Inventor of the Bullet Journal system explains how to get things done!

In this episode, I ask Ryder what prompted him to create this system. His story is truly personal and it reinforced a very important point for me – that productivity is so very personal. Yet, anyone can leverage his system as a framework and develop their own system with his as a foundation. In many ways, it is like what so many people have done with Getting Things Done methodology. We also talked about whether he is all analog all the time. You may be surprised by his answer!


Back to Basics – Being Productive with My Paper Calendar and Evernote

Guest post by Stephany Koujou Once upon a time, I had a paper calendar and a notebook. They were Moleskines, of course. I share Daniel’s love for them. Life was simple back then. I wrote my appointments and to do’s into my calendar, the rest came into the notebook: ideas, snippets, […]

Special Edition: The New Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine 11

Today, Evernote announced a strategic partnership with my beloved Moleskine. It’s the new Evernote Smart Notebook … and I shall code name it “The Magical Evernote Moleskine”! Image Courtesy of the Evernote Blog Let me be clear – I love the Moleskine notebooks. In fact, I professed my love of […]

How the Livescribe pen will rock your productivity world: Part 1 31

Since the beginning, the human species has attempted to capture and remember everything. We crave the need to express ourselves through storytelling. Religions and cultures across the globe have thrived for thousands of years by re-telling stories. Blending the tradition of sharing our knowledge by retelling the stories of our […]

Challenge: Can you go paper-based for a week and survive? 4

I’ve been asked some really good questions in the comments on my post about Producteev and through my e-mail lately about just getting started in GTD – a primer if you will.  We’ve talked before about some best practices using tags and I even affirmed my love for the almighty […]

Best Practices Guide to Using Tags to Get Things Done 8

My recent post on how I get things done using Evernote & Springpad generated thousands of hits and almost 100 comments from around the world. What surprised me more than that alone was that we all have the same issue – we’re hungry for a solution. We live in a […]

The Unanswered Question and Why We’re Afraid to Answer it! 7

I’m reminded of a Brothers & Sisters episode I just watch with my wife where Justin and his girlfriend were talking about making time to see each other more with his demanding paramedics job.  Justin said something like its not the hours in the day that’s the problem, it’s what you […]

Springpad and Evernote – My Guide to Getting Things Done 120

UPDATE: The new Springpad is here … And I’m thrilled to be have worked directly with the Springpad Team to be the Author of the Official Springpad eBook entitled Smarter Notebooks. Smarter Sharing. A Smarter Way to Get Things Done. Click here to buy it for just $5! JUST FEATURED in […]