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Back to Basics: Capture and Collection!

In this live call, we take it Back to Basics with the very first phase of the GTD workflow and that is the important element of capturing and collecting everything that’s on your mind! We’ll cover some really great ideas such as journaling, the Drafts app, default inboxes, time spent on capturing, mindsweeps, and so much more! Check the resources below for some really helpful products and apps discussed during this great live call!


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Joel Zaslofsky

Getting to the Value of Simple

Inside the virtual studio today is my guest Joel Zaslofsky. Joel is also the self-titled Chief Simplifier, Curator, and Founder of Value of Simple. He hosts the popular Smart and Simple Matters podcast and most recently, the author of Experience Curating: How to Gain Focus, Increase Influence, and Simplify Your Life.

In this episode, we dig deep into understanding simplicity, minimalism, the art of capturing information, and how to be more mindful and curate your existence. What I learned was that curating is actually tied very closely to the tenants of capturing, processing, organizing, and reviewing in GTD. 

You’ll be as fascinated as me as Joel talks about how his personal renaissance began led him to leaving a cushy six-figure corporate job to lead what many would consider to be an unconventional career path. He set out to help people simplify, organize, and be money wise. He says his goals are straightforward: to help you rock the unsexy and undervalued side of life.


Show Notes

Where to find Joel:

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Ask the VSG!


A great call covering a mixed bag of GTD topics, asked and answered by those on the live call. We started out with a follow-up to last month’s call hearing about Mike Schroff’s implementation using OneNote. From there we moved on to overflowing email inboxes, Inbox Zero, collaborative platforms, ‘mind like water’, weekly reviews, daily reviews, and more. A little something for everyone in this fun call! Hope you enjoy!


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Getting Things Done Evernote Ambassador LaunchByte podcast productivity

Getting Things Done with Evernote Ambassador Bryan Lee: My interview on his podcast, LaunchByte

One of the best parts of what I do for an international community of folks who are looking to become more productive and successful in their lives is meeting and getting to know people from all corners of our globe. Yesterday was a great example! I was asked to be interviewed by Bryan Lee, the […]

What happens when you veer off the GTD path?

In this podcast, we’ll talk about what happens when you veer off the GTD path!

A listener wrote in asking specifically, “…for those who decide to not rigidly conform to the GTD rules, what is their understanding of the principles involved, and why do they choose not to follow the rules in these cases?” 

What an excellent topic. You’ll hear from folks what parts of the GTD® methodology they couldn’t live without, plus what modifications or additions they’ve included in their systems. This was a great call, so hit play now!


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Better to Rise Early or Be a Night Owl? An Exclusive GTD Virtual Study Group Panel Discussion! 2

Click here to download the podcast! In an incredibly exclusive event, I had heavy hitters Hal Elrod, Craig Jarrow, Laura Vankerkam, and Mike Vardy join me in a virtual roundtable to talk about whether it is better to start your day before the sun rises, or wait until after the sun goes down to really […]


Timo Kiander, The Productive Superdad teaches Us How To Live Life To The Fullest 4

I had the pleasure of having Timo Kiander, the Productive Superdad in our virtual studio. You’re really going to enjoy this interview! Timo is a full-time blogger at, runs the Productive Superdad podcast, has written for, Dumb Little Man,, ProBlogger, IQTell, Think Traffic, he’s been on other podcasts such as Entrepreneur Idea Dads, been interviewed by […]

Bullet Journal Ryder Carroll

Ryder Carroll, Inventor of the Bullet Journal system explains how to get things done!

In this episode, I ask Ryder what prompted him to create this system. His story is truly personal and it reinforced a very important point for me – that productivity is so very personal. Yet, anyone can leverage his system as a framework and develop their own system with his as a foundation. In many ways, it is like what so many people have done with Getting Things Done methodology. We also talked about whether he is all analog all the time. You may be surprised by his answer!